Hi, I'm Abdullah.

I'm a designer, developer, photographer,
and all-around creative.


"It's scary how much you know."
-- Khalil Saadiq

If I had to describe myself, I would say I'm an all-around creative. A website designer and builder, hobbyist photographer, and open-source tinkerer. I dabble in just about everything. I also voraciously consume knowledge from all around me. I have a strong memory. I like making things. I have been described as a risk taker. I'm really nice (possibly too nice). I like to take things easy, but I can be professional when necessary. I'm an early adopter of technologies. I have a passion for knowledge. I am intuitive and can easily find connections and patterns. My analytical skills are very sharp. If I were a chess piece, I would be a knight.



  • game theory
  • number theory
  • logic and proofs
  • chaos theory
  • optimization
  • economics


  • medicine
  • neuroscience
  • chemistry
  • material science
  • psychology
  • linguistics


  • computer vision
  • brain-computer interfaces
  • mobile devices
  • algorithms
  • 3D modeling


  • epistemology
  • ethics
  • absurdism
  • anarchism
  • memetics


  • psychology
  • engineering
  • management
  • color theory
  • UI/UX
  • information


  • surrealism
  • abstract
  • punk rock
  • dystopian literature
  • photography
  • papercraft


  • information
  • history
  • religions
  • mythology
  • identity
  • mental health