Hi, my name is Abdullah Tarawneh.

me Aspiring biomedical engineer and computer science double major. Lover of Jordanian culture. Proponent of a free internet. Technology enthusiast. Renaissance man. Varsity mathlete. Batman-in-training.

"It's scary how much you know."
-- Khalil Saadiq

Things I'm involved in right now:


If I had to describe myself, I would say I'm an all-around creative. A website designer and builder, hobbyist photographer, and open-source tinkerer. I dabble in just about everything. I also voraciously consume knowledge from all around me. I have a strong memory. I like making things. I have been described as a risk taker. I'm really nice (possibly too nice). I like to take things easy, but I can be professional when necessary. I'm an early adopter of technologies. I have a passion for knowledge. I am intuitive and can easily find connections and patterns. My analytical skills are very sharp. If I were a chess piece, I would be a knight, because my movement and style are like no other.


Mathematics (game theory, number theory, chaos theory, optimization, economics)
Design (psychology, engineering, management, color theory, UX, information, organization)
Science (medicine, neuroscience, chemistry, material science, psychology, linguistics, optics)
Technology (computer vision, brain-computer interfaces, mobile devices, algorithms)
Philosophy (epistemology, ethics, logic, aesthetics, sociopolitics, Absurdism)
Art (surrealism, abstract, punk rock, dystopian literature, photography, papercraft, 3D modeling)
Culture (memetics, information, history, religions, mythology, identity, mental health, anarchism)

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I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me. Just a poor boy from a poor family. Spare me my life from this monstrosity.

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Professional email: a@trwnh.com  
Google Voice: (205) 578-8890  
Personal email: tarawneh.abdullah@gmail.com  
DMs are open on Twitter: @trwnh  
If you need to video call me and don't use Hangouts, Wire, or Signal: trwnh.com  

I prefer to communicate through Hangouts (phone or personal email), Twitter (@trwnh), Sid (button below), Wire (phone, email, or @at), or Signal (phone). You may also contact me on Skype (trwnh.com) or Whatsapp (phone), but I may not respond through those channels.